Old Mountain Remedies


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Amazing Discoveries The Old Mountain Remedies series, is a six (6) CD series which Walt Cross addresses health concerns from a natural remedies point of view.  This series covers the following topics:

  • Kitchen Remedies

         In this lecture with Walt Cross we will head into the kitchen. What impact does a kitchen have on our health? It turns out that what’s in our fridges and what’s in our cabinets actually do matter. In fact, what we put into our kitchens – and in turn what we put into our bodies – affects our health directly.

  • Old Mountain Remedies by Diagnosis

     In this helpful and informative lecture with Walt Cross, we will explore the outcomes of natural remedies. By following the 8 laws of health (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God) as the foundation, we will see how adding different natural remedies can improve and even fix certain illnesses!

  • Old Mountain Remedies by Treatment

     In another information-packed presentation with Walt Cross, we will continue looking at health remedies using completely natural treatments. In combination with the 8 Laws of Health, these treatments can ensure a better and healthier lifestyle! We just need to get back to the basics of God’s garden.

  • How to Develop an Effective Lifestyle Plan

     Join Walt Cross as we learn how to create a personalized lifestyle plan that works.  We will develop our mission, assess our health and lifestyle history, identify potential causes for sickness, develop and utilize a health diary, plan for improvement with a support partner, implement the plan using detoxification methods, exercise options, hydration, raw foods, and more, and finally evaluate progress and outcomes with necessary adjustments for continued progression.

  • How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety Naturally

     Everyone on this planet experiences stress and anxiety to a certain degree. Whether it be job stress, relational issues, or health issues, many things can bring us down. But what are the effects of stress and anxiety on the body? In this informative presentation with Walt Cross, we will look into how stress physically affects our bodies and cover natural treatments which one can use for stress and anxiety. There is a definite connection between our minds and our bodies.

  • How to Effectively Address Weight Loss Naturally

     Healthcare costs are insanely high. Thankfully, obesity and weight gain is preventable, and can be reversed. However, diet plans aren’t a permanent solution. Diets are just a short-term bandage over a root problem. We will learn how to apply an entire overhaul of our lives which requires an entire lifestyle.


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