Relax Sauna Far Infrared Lamp


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Relax Sauna

Far Infrared Lamp (Medical Grade)

Professional Model (800 Watt)

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate the skin to the hypodermic tissues – improving circulation and the metabolism, and activating cells. The wavelength of energy in FIR is comfortably and safely absorbed by the human body.

  • World’s most powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.
  • Suitable for long hours of usage without risk of overheating/causing burns; FIR energy is compatible and readily absorbed by the human body.
  • Easy and convenient to use; able to penetrate clothing with full benefits.
  • 360 degree rotational head and adjustable stand to suit any angle, height and intensity required by the user; any part of the body can receive treatment.
  • Benefits those who suffer from muscle ache, shoulder pain; improves metabolism and blood circulation.
  • A short usage of 15 minutes can create desirable results.

The flexible shaft allows easy use to help generate FIR energy to different parts of the body.


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